CG Content Creator for various multimedia, gaming and web projects, available for project based work
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I offer various CG related services in areas such as 3d modelling, texturing, rendering, animation, motion capture, online games and presentations, web design using Wordpress, Php/MySQl, and I am also webmaster of, a portal dedicated to the CG enthusiasts and indie creators.

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550395 Sibiu Ro

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3D, Web, games industry, webmaster of

3D, Vector, Programming

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Computer Management Sales management Administrative Management

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Generalist content creator for various projects

Besuchte Ausbildungen:
A Crash Course on Creativity

Lucian Blaga University Sibiu, Economics


Betreute Ausbildungen:

Blender 3D, Octane Render, Gimp, Inkscape, Ipi Soft

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Einige Referenzen:
Ishack media specialists, done a lot of various projects for them in time

Owner and webmaster for CGcandy, a portal for CG related content

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I am an artist and coder with experience in many design, visualization, animation and web projects, with more than seven years of activity behind. I can deliver creative services for a large range of projects, please take a look at the list of my skills below, to see if it's applicable. I upload daily work updates to get the client's feedback, and also allow several revisions until the client is satisfied. Available on Skype.


3D modeling, texturing and animation, Ray-traced rendering, vector graphics


HTML5/Php/MySQL/Wordpress/Adobe Edge

I also have skills for onsite SEO optimization.

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